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THROWBACK 1981 DRAFT -part 2

Leading up to the ’81 Draft – I was invited to both of the Major Rookie Combines; one in Dallas, and one in New York City. The NFL wasn’t allowed to work out players at these Combines. So what was the point? Medical Exams; “Kick the tires, and look under the hood.” As you were x-rayed, poked, and prodded by an army of medical personnel…… and of course the Interviews; a psychologist, scouts, position coaches, head coaches, and top administrators. These ‘meet-ups’ as they called them, seemed more in line with an interrogation – they confronted you with tough and personal questions … they knew all about you and your past……… ODD! …. So the NFL’s TOP 100 PROSPECTS gathered in “Big D” and the “Big Apple” for both business and 2 nights on the Town …. boy did We Have a Good Time!

I later drove to Chicago at the quest of the “Bears.” …. Weeks before the draft, I was invited to St. Louis for a workout with Coach Hanifan and his staff. The doctors did their thing, then it was the strength coach’s turn followed by the trainer who put me on a “Cybex Machine.” measuring “Leg Strength/Endurance,” the test takes you to your limit, ……. He marveled at my results, A new rookie record …. 4 hours later, Coach Hanifan and his O-Line coach came for me; The whole process seemed backward but who was I to say…. . A 40-yard dash, an agility run along with some lineman drills. My legs were “FRIED” from the “CYBEX ” … so predictably my on-field performance was average at best………. I stood stoically awaiting instruction while silently laughing at Coach Hanifan’s classic one-liners criticizing my performance. “Your loafing Greco,” Hanifan chirped “Come on! Really?” he scoffed in utter disgust….. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,… all part of the test- trying to see if he could get in my head – ‘no way’ …… I kept focused and kept going as hard as I could…. No Excuses, Ever! ……. In the end, I knew I’d given it my all….. As I drove off from Busch Stadium I smiled knowing there were still 2 CHANCES I’d be playing for my hometown “Cardinals – “Slim and None.” …… From January to late April, I worked out for a bevy of scouts, coaches, and top team Brass. Sometimes three or more workouts a week….. STAY TUNED!

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