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The Lion of Dellwood

Gridiron Gangsters- 2nd Half

DON GRECO - Former NFL Player, Coach And Forever Fan!

Don Greco’s unique experiences and insights have helped him imagine the events in his two recent novels. “The Lion of Dellwood,” and “2nd Half- Gridiron Gangsters.” Greco has also authored two successful non-fiction books detailing the history of high school football in the St. Louis “Metro” Area. “The Legends of the Gridiron” and “The Legends Playbook” honor 135-years of Arch City’s high school gridiron history with nearly a thousand pages and hundreds of historic photos.

Growing up, Greco’s life revolved around three, not four seasons; basketball, baseball, and football. Little league, junior high, high school, college, and the NFL. He put on the pads at seven and left them on for two decades.

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Clients Testimonial

Don, I really enjoyed your super books! ............ and to say the least I spent the better part of the weekend with my nose stuck in the pages. I can’t imagine the time it must of taken to put the story together. As a coach and product of the St Louis Football History, I am proud that at one time I had the opportunity to learn many of life's valuable lessons between the lines and under the watchful eyes of Coach Nordman. One of my favorite quotes is a passage on Miche Stadium at West Point that reads; "Upon the fields of friendly strife Are sown the seeds That, upon other fields, on other days Will bear the fruits of victory." GOA Douglas MacArthur Your books reminded me of how true that passage is! Thanks again for the trip down memory lane!
Mark Laney
Don, What a treasure! I just read some of the books and they are awesome. Some of the men I knew of, or had forgotten, or did not know of, and enjoyed learning about their deeds. As my old coach Ray Cliffe use to say "it's a great fraternity". I cannot believe you undertook a momentous task as that and did such a great job. I cannot even imagine just the research……… Again, great, great job on the two books!
Bob Robidoux
Former Oakville Head Football Coach
Hello Don, Thank you for sharing and publishing your information on St. Louis Metro Area H S Football through your two books, "The Legends Playbook" and "Legends of the Gridiron". Your books have so much information about each school's football history as well as the Public High League, local, state and national history that I will encourage each school to invest in a set of books for its library. Your information will not only help to increase school spirit, but help each school with much needed information on the history of its various alumni.
Jennifer D Waters-Jones
Sumner c'81
Don- What a great job! I seriously did not put the book down for a few hours the first time I got it. Nice going and congratulations.
Bob Bunton
Parkway North Head Football Coach
Don, I greatly appreciate what you have accomplished in writing "Legends of the Gridiron" and "The Legends Playbook". ….... we won the '56 and '58 (my sophomore and senior seasons) Big Six Conference titles.
Bruce Singman
University City Indians Football Class of '59 University of Illinois Fighting Illini Football Class of '63
Coach I received the books and have started perusing them. They are excellent ... very detailed and steeped in stats ... you did a really nice job of capturing the history of a very important part of our community's fabric. Great work!
Steve Stranghoener
Sumner c'81